GinKar Syrup | Ginkgo Biloba (Twin Pack)



Each 10ml contains:
Panax ginseng ext (USP)…………….50mg
Ginkgo biloba ext (USP)……………100mg
(BP Specifications)

1. Contains Powerful Antioxidants
Ginkgo contains potent antioxidants, which fight the damaging effects of free radicals and may be behind most of its health claims.
2. Can Help Fight Inflammation
Ginkgo has the ability to reduce inflammation caused by various conditions. This may be one of the reasons it has such broad health applications.
3. Improves Circulation and Heart Health
Ginkgo can increase blood flow by promoting the dilation of blood vessels. This may have applications for the treatment of diseases related to poor circulation.
4. Reduces Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders and Dementia
It cannot be concluded that ginkgo treats Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but it might help in some cases. The chances of it helping seem to increase when used alongside conventional treatment.
5. Improves Brain Function and Well-Being
Some research shows that ginkgo may improve mental performance in healthy people, but the data is inconsistent.
6. Can Reduce Anxiety
Some research shows that ginkgo may help treat anxiety, though this is likely due to its antioxidant content.
7. Can Treat Depression
Ginkgo’s anti-inflammatory effects give it the potential to treat depression. More research is needed.
8. Can Support Vision and Eye Health
Some early research shows that supplementing with ginkgo may increase blood flow to the eyes but not necessarily improve vision. More research is needed.
9. Can Treat Headaches and Migraines
Because of its ability to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, ginkgo may be an effective treatment for some types of headaches.
10. Can Improve Asthma and COPD Symptoms
Ginkgo biloba may treat symptoms associated with respiratory diseases because of its anti-inflammatory effects. More research is needed.
11. Reduces PMS Symptoms
Ginkgo may help reduce PMS symptoms, but more research is needed.
12. Treats Sexual Dysfunction
Ginkgo may improve symptoms of sexual dysfunction due to its impact on blood flow. However, research has not proven it to be effective.

ADULTS: 2 Tablespoon daily after breakfast
CHILDREN: 1-2 teaspoon daily after breakfast

PACKING: 120 ml Bottle


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GinKar Syrup | Ginkgo BilobaGinKar Syrup | Ginkgo Biloba (Twin Pack)
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